Getting Started

SuitedNSuccess is staffed by volunteers. Clients are scheduled by appointment only. Once your program has become a Community Partner with SuitedNSuccess, appointments can be scheduled by calling 919.339.1082. We will discuss the needs and sizes of your client and confirm an appointment date. If we are unavailable when you call, please leave your name, the name of your program, and telephone number. A representative of SuitedNSuccess will return your call as soon as possible.

As a Community Partner with SuitedNSuccess, you will receive the Client Referral--Initial Appointment forms. After scheduling an appointment for your client with SuitedNSuccess, complete the information on the Appointment forms. 

Review both forms with your client before submitting.  Please emphasize the importance of keeping the scheduled appointment and being on time. If there is a need to cancel an appointment call SuitedNSuccess at 919.339.1082 and leave a message preferably 24 hours before the appointment. 

A notified cancellation allows a rescheduling of your client's appointment. A client will only be able to reschedule once.

What can the client expect on the day of the appointment?

Because our space is limited and we want to give individual attention, the client should come alone. Upon arrival the client will be greeted by a trained volunteer who will show the client what is available and make suggestions in selecting clothes and accessories. The client can choose an outfit (depending on size availability) that will give the extra boost in confidence needed for the job interview.

After the appointment, there will be a follow up telephone and mail questionnaire for the client and Community Partner contact person. Both individuals will be asked to evaluate our process as well as questions pertaining to the client's success in securing employment. This information is required by our underwriters and is the basis for funding needed to continue our efforts at SuitedNSuccess. We are looking forward to working with you and welcome your questions and comments.